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2014 Sustaining Members:

The National Guard Association of Alabama wants to thank the following Sustaining Members for their generous contributions to our Association for 2014:

Platinum Level:

  • ANG Federal Credit Union
  • ARNIC Aerospace

Gold Level:

  • Technology Management Training Group, Inc.
  • AM General
  • Navy Federal Credit Union

Silver Level:

  • Beechcraft
  • USAA
  • Perkins Technical Services, Inc.

Bronze Level:

  • Columbia Southern University, Inc.
  • Servis 1st Bank
  • AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings
  • Bethel University College
  • Columbia College
  • Peduzzi Associates

Member Level:

  • Delta Dental of California

Upcoming Deadlines

  • 31 Dec - last day to pay current year dues
2013 Legislative Accomplishments:
  • Created a permanent seat on the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the Chief of the National Guard Bureau
  • Re-established the position of Vice Chief, National Guard Bureau at the three-star level
  • Behavior health support for members of the Reserve Component during scheduled unit training assemblies
  • Re-employment rights for Title 32 National Guard duty
  • Expansion of State licensure exceptions for certain health care professionals to provide access to healthcare for National Guard soldiers in rural and remote areas
  • NGREA: $325 million for ARNG & $315 million for ANG
  • MILCON: $773.6 million for ARNG & $116.2 million for ANG
  • $47.2 million for ANG F-15 Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) Radar

About The National Guard of Alabama

This website is updated nearly every day with information regarding the Alabama National Guard, whether it is current or upcoming events, legislative activity or conference updates. NGAUS alerts and updates are received several times per week and can be found under the "Legislative" Tab.

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Objectives of the National Guard of Alabama:

  • To support the members and families of the Alabama Air National Guard and Army National Guard, furthering their interests by every appropriate means, including legislative actions and professional development activities, and by preserving the history, traditions, records, and relics of the organizations
  • To promote the National Guard of the United States; cooperate with other organizations in patriotic endeavors and community affairs; to develop a close relationship with other components of military establishments
  • To serve as the collective voice of the membership, providing professional and social opportunities; to provide important member benefits
  • To support the Federal and State missions of the Alabama National Guard
  • And to recognize and award achievements and contributions to the State and nation

The Association also serves to support the efforts of the State Military Department that strengthen the recruiting, retention, and readiness of the force and to extend and perpetuate the interests of The National Guard.