Annual Dues

To pay your Annual Dues click the links below.  It will take you to the NGAUS Membership Site.  You can pay both memberships on this Site. 


MG$90.00 BG$80.00 COL$70.00 LTC$60.00 MAJ$50.00 CPT$40.00 1LT$30.00
2LT$25.00 CW5$50.00 CW4$40.00 CW3$30.00 CW2$28.00 WO1$25.00 1st Yr$0.00

NGAUS Memberships

There are two options for the highly recommended


1. Go to and pay the full $1,000. Upon notification and rebate from NGAUS, NGAAL will send you a refund check of $250 (a 25% discount).

2. Contact Michele Mahoney( to set up 10 payments of $100 (Once a month). Upon your final payment, NGAAL will send you a check for $250.


NGAAL President's Membership Cup

Membership Year starts 01 OCT (insert year). The "membership year" starts 1 OCT for FY21.

Membership drive continues through 31 JUL (insert year) current year.

We are awarding the 1st MACOM to 100% the President's Membership Cup.

All that sign up between 1 OCT 19 - 1 JAN 2020 will be entered into a drawing for a lifetime NGAUS membership.

We get credit for NGAUS for Active Annual percentage through 31 JUL (insert year)

Push NGAUS Lifetime memberships - We get credit for these throughout the year. Overall savings of up to $3,000!

We are working on a way to allow for a 10-$100 deal. (10 drafts of $100 dollars -- NGAAL will refund you $250) - Contact Michele Mahoney for this option, 202-454-5306,

Go to to update your membership for both the State and the National Dues