To pay your Annual Dues click the image below.  It will take you to the NGAUS Membership Site.  You can pay both memberships on this Site. 


NGAAL President's Membership Cup

Membership Year starts 01 OCT (insert year). The "membership year" starts 1 OCT for FY20.

Membership drive continues through 31 JUL (insert year) current year.

We are awarding the 1st MACOM to 100% the President's Membership Cup.

All that sign up between 1 OCT 19 - 1 JAN 2020 will be entered into a drawing for a lifetime NGAUS membership.

We get credit for NGAUS for Active Annual percentage through 31 JUL (insert year)

Push NGAUS Lifetime memberships - We get credit for these throughout the year. Overall savings of up to $3,000!

We are working on a way to allow for a 10-$100 deal. (10 drafts of $100 dollars -- NGAAL will refund you $250)

Go to to update your membership for both the State and the National Dues