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Col (ret) George McCurdy

Colonel George R. McCurdy III is the Retired Life (Air) Representative on the Executive Council. Colonel McCurdy retired as the Executive Support Staff Officer and the Technician Chief of Staff for the Alabama Air National Guard. He was assigned to the Alabama National Guard State Headquarters in Montgomery, Alabama.

Colonel McCurdy is the previous Commander, 226 Combat Communications Group, Alabama Air National Guard. Colonel McCurdy attended Marion Military Institute (Junior College) and has a degree in Business from the University of Alabama. Colonel McCurdy entered the Air National Guard in 1969 as an Airman Basic and after graduating from the University of Alabama in 1972 was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in 1973. He has an extensive background in air traffic control and combat communications with 36 years service in the Air National Guard...Colonel McCurdy and his wife, Linda, have three children and six grandchildren.