How much are the NGAAL Dues for a year?

  • MG $90.00 BG $80.00 COL $70.00 LTC $60.00 MAJ $50.00 CPT $40.00 1LT $30.00 2LT $25.00 CW5 $50.00 CW4 $40.00 CW3 $30.00 CW2 $28.00 WO1 $25.00 1st Year of Commissioning $0.00

If I pay for a NGAUS Lifetime Membership, do I still have to pay my State (NGAAL) dues?

Yes, Lifetime memberships are only offered for NGAUS. NGAAL dues are paid yearly. NGAAL is working to go to a Lifetime Membership Option.

How do I sign up for a Lifetime Membership for NGAUS?

1. Go to https://www.ngaus.org/membership and select Alabama as your state. You can select the Digital Life Membership of $500 ($500 x 1 payment or $100 x 5 payments). With the Digital Life Membership, your National Guard magazine and other materials are delivered electronically instead of in print. You can also still pay for the regular full Life Membership of $1,000 ($1,000 x 1 payment or $250 x 4 payments, or $100 x 10 payments).

2. Call NGAUS at 202-454-5306 to set up your payments.

NGAUS Membership Options

Why should I get an Active Lifetime Membership through NGAUS?

First off, it saves you money. A newly commissioned officer over time in the Guard will save approximately $3000 - $3500. You can set up payments through NGAUS, and you are a member for life. More importantly, NGAAL gets credit for you throughout the year, and the more members NGAAL has, the stronger our voice is in Washington, DC!

Is NGAAL considering a lifetime membership option?

The executive council is looking into a lifetime membership option for NGAAL. A lot of factors go into the decision to offer a lifetime membership and it has to be profitable for the members of the Association as a whole.

Did NGAUS change their pay scale for membership?

Yes, Active-Annual: Membership may be issued to a commissioned or warrant officer serving in the National Guard. (Dues to be paid annually in accordance with Company, Field and Flag grade)

Company Grade: O1-O3,WO1, CW2, CW3=$40; Field Grade: O4-O6,CW4, CW5=$80; Flag Officers=$130

Will NGAAL go to a smaller category of pay scales versus the 15+ pay scales now?

The executive council for NGAAL is looking into a three rate category

O1-O3 and W1-W2 will pay $30.00 for an Annual Membership

O4-O6 and W3-W5 will pay $60.00 for and Annual Membership

O7 and above will pay $90.00 for an Annual Membership