How much are the NGAAL Dues for a year?

  • MG $90.00 BG $80.00 COL $70.00 LTC $60.00 MAJ $50.00 CPT $40.00 1LT $30.00
  • 2LT $25.00 CW5 $50.00 CW4 $40.00 CW3 $30.00 CW2 $28.00 WO1 $25.00 1st Yr $0.00

If I pay for a NGAUS Lifetime Membership, do I still have to pay my State (NGAAL) dues?

Yes, Lifetime memberships are only offered for NGAUS. NGAAL dues are paid yearly. NGAAL is working to go to a Lifetime Membership Option.

How do I sign up for a Lifetime Membership for NGAUS?

There are two options:

1. Go to https://www.ngaus.org/membership and pay the full $1,000. Upon notification and rebate from NGAUS, NGAAL will send you a refund check of $250 (a 25% discount).

2. Contact Michele Mahoney(Michele.Mahoney@ngaus.org/202-454-5306) or Alex Lord (Alexander.Lord@ngaus.org/202-408-5883) to set up 10 payments of $100 (Once a month). Or 4 payments of $250 each. Upon your final payment, NGAAL will send you a check for $250.

NGAUS Membership Options

Membership Dues Structure.jpg

Why should I get an Active Lifetime Membership through NGAUS?

First off, it saves you money. A newly commissioned officer over time in the Guard will save approximately $3000 - $3500. You can set up payments through NGAUS and you are a member for life. NGAAL gets credit for you throughout the year. A lifetime membership will cost you $1000. However, NGAAL will refund you $250 for a total of $750!

Is NGAAL considering a lifetime membership option?

The executive council is looking into a lifetime membership option for NGAAL. A lot of factors go into the decision to offer a lifetime membership and it has to be profitable for the members of the Association as a whole.

Did NGAUS change their pay scale for membership?

Yes, Active-Annual: Membership may be issued to a commissioned or warrant officer serving in the National Guard. (Dues to be paid annually in accordance with Company, Field and Flag grade)

Company Grade: O1-O3,WO1, CW2, CW3=$40; Field Grade: O4-O6,CW4, CW5=$80; Flag Officers=$130

Will NGAAL go to a smaller category of pay scales versus the 15+ pay scales now?

The executive council for NGAAL is looking into a three rate category

O1-O3 and W1-W2 will pay $30.00 for an Annual Membership

O4-O6 and W3-W5 will pay $60.00 for and Annual Membership

O7 and above will pay $90.00 for an Annual Membership