Strategic Industry Partner Program

It’s an exciting time in the history of the National Guard Association of Alabama (NGAAL). There is a new focus on growing the NGAAL membership and building strategic partnerships with those organizations and companies that support our members. SIPP Registration

As a part of that focus, we are rolling out the Strategic Industry Partner Program (SIPP). This program is designed specifically for organizations and companies that hold the same vision and calling as the NGAAL. The SIPP provides a unique and purposeful collaboration that provides an investment into the lives of our members, while providing a valuable opportunity for your organization.

The SIPP provides a 12-month opportunity based on four levels, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze, to meet your marketing and relationship goals. Depending on your investment, you will have access to sponsor annual dues for servicemembers, ads in the monthly newsletter, the NGAAL website, social media mentions, and of course, conference exhibiting and sponsorships. Become a Strategic Industry Partner today!

If you have questions, email Stephen Morris, Director of Communications and Corporate Outreach.

Strategic Industry Partnership Program Packages